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Help us empower individuals to achieve recovery and promote personal and community wellness through an accessible, comprehensive, integrated, and evidence-based system of mental health care.


Signing this petition is a way to participate in the present and create the future of a better life for mental health in the LGBTIQ+ community. Demonstrate that mental health matters to you and participate in the process of change. Signing and sharing this petition allows your friends and family to discover and support the wellbeing of the LGBTIQ+ community. It takes thousands of bricks to build a house. One voice may seem weak, but banded together, our voices echo deeply. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and we have to be patient. But the more we speak out, the closer we get to a better world.

Join forces with Queerwell petitioners, your unique voice can be heard loudly and clearly by participating in the petition process. Don’t let these important issues pass you by; jump in the ring and use your own personal power to create beneficial change for yourself and your community.

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Support for LGBTIQ+

The petition is emblematic of the organisation’s core values and part of its collective efforts to promote LGBTIQ+ mental health advocacy. The progressive goals of destigmatizing LGBTIQ+ mental health issues, increasing the accessibility and affordability of care and educating people about the nuances of mental health — all outlined in the petition — are necessary in order to build a healthier, more supportive community. Sign the petition and share.

Queerwell is willing to throw all our resources to fight for this cause, but the signed petitions really do open new opportunities. One voice can make a difference. One signature takes us to another level of problem solving.

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Latest Signatures
31 Glen Ntike Sandton South Africa Sep 30, 2020
30 Oj Ntshwane Pretoria South Africa Sep 15, 2020
29 Karabo Moeti Vryburg South Africa Aug 29, 2020
28 Busisiwe None Johannesburg South Africa Aug 19, 2020
27 Boitumelo Mothibi Pretoria South Africa Jun 13, 2020
26 Buyisile Felicia EMpangeni South Africa Jun 13, 2020
25 Morongwe Patience Polokwane South Africa Jun 12, 2020
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