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Anxiety is at a rife during this time because of #Covid19 and the lockdown.

By now you know that you are expected to stay indoors! How do you help yourself during this time? Here is a few tips to help you cope. 

Lay off social media platforms. There’s alot of posting about the virus and it will only get worse and this will only increase your anxiety. 
There’s a lot of false information going around on social media, stick to the news for accurate information.
Ask someone reliable to update you on important information.

Social distancing is very important for us to get through covid19 but social distancing comes with its in risks. 
Use your phone to keep in touch with your loved one. 

  • Video calls 
  • conference calls
  • send motivational quotes on a daily
  • have a family/friends WhatsApp group to support one another. 
  • Don’t let coronavirus dominate every conversation. It’s important to take breaks from stressful thoughts about the pandemic to simply enjoy each other’s company – to laugh, share stories, and focus on other things going on in our lives.

Keep yourself busy while your are indoors.

  • Do some indoor exercises.
  • Do some meditation
  • Get enough rest 
  • Be kind to yourself. Go easy on yourself if you’re experiencing more depression or anxiety than usual. You’re not alone in your struggles. 

Take time out for activities you enjoy. Read a good book, clean up the house, watch a comedy, play a fun board or video game, make something—whether it’s a new recipe, a craft, or a piece of art. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it takes you out of your worries!

Call your healthcare provider if stress gets in the way of your daily activities for several days in a row. – Queerwell is also available for support during this period.

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